What is retrofit?

We are a few guys that decided we were tired of old shows that only had hardsubbed encodes, mostly AVI's.

A few of our key members have eyesight problems and want shows that have softsubs that we can change to a more viewable style for our eyesight. This can't be done with hardsubs but it can with softsubs. Therefore we started this group to put softsubs to deserving shows which we enjoyed and could find raws for.

Latest News

05/22/2011 Mahoraba Heartful Days Ep 9 Released.
Sorry about the dleay, hopefully it won't take months for the next ep.
05/02/2011 Rizelmine 19-24 released.
Again, sorry slower than I wanted but at least they're done.
04/19/2011 Rizelmine 14-18 Released.
Sorry, bit slow but some stuff came up.
03/08/2011 Rizelmine Ep 13 with Honobono Subs.
These should come out every couple days until all released.
02/09/2011 Otome Yokai Zakuro 3-6.
Sorry, little late with 3-4. But they're all done now.
02/09/2011 Rizelmine 11-12 released. Season 1 finished.
Season 2 will NOT take months I promise. Its all done save for 1 ep and QC.
01/22/2011 Ookami Kakushi Episode 1v2 and 2 released.
Sorry, forgot to update the webpage.
12/18/2010 Ookami Kakushi bluray project picked up.
Ookami Kakushi Episode 1 released.
12/06/2010 Otome Yokai Zakuro Project picked up and Ep 1 and 2 released.
11/25/2010 Tales of Eternia Ep 1 released.
11/25/2010 Everyone, welcome Evilentity to our group.
He will be working on Tales of Eternia for us.
11/05/2010 Rizelmine Ep 10 Released.
10/26/2010 Omamori Himari Torrent uploaded. Contains all 12 eps.
10/18/2010 Omamori Himari Ep 12 released.
No ending Karaoke. Couldn't find any to use. Maybe if I do a V2 to replace the raw.
10/17/2010 Omamori Himari Ep 11 Released.
Sorry about the delay, I was waiting for Leopard's encodes but they never came.
I finally gave up and used Zero-Raws. I'll release a V2 if Leopard ever releases.
10/16/2010 Rizelmine Ep 7-9 released.
10/14/2010 Rizelmine Ep 6 released.
10/07/2010 Rizelmine Ep 5 released.
10/07/2010 Sister Princess Re Pure Ep 9 released.
09/27/2010 Sister Princess Re Pure Ep 8 released.