What is retrofit?

We are a few guys that decided we were tired of old shows that only had hardsubbed encodes, mostly AVI's.

A few of our key members have eyesight problems and want shows that have softsubs that we can change to a more viewable style for our eyesight. This can't be done with hardsubs but it can with softsubs. Therefore we started this group to put softsubs to deserving shows which we enjoyed and could find raws for.


Title Demonbane
Type OVA
Year 2004
Episodes 1 / 1
More Info AniDB
Staff Taskforce

This ep should be watched between eps 3 and 4 of the TV series.

Ep Subber Typer Timer Raw Provider QC DDL
OVA Shinsen Taskforce Taskforce Zero Raws kenoki MU
06/10/2010 DVD [Retrofit]_[Shinsen]_Demonbane_OVA_(B030DD52).mkv