What is retrofit?

We are a few guys that decided we were tired of old shows that only had hardsubbed encodes, mostly AVI's.

A few of our key members have eyesight problems and want shows that have softsubs that we can change to a more viewable style for our eyesight. This can't be done with hardsubs but it can with softsubs. Therefore we started this group to put softsubs to deserving shows which we enjoyed and could find raws for.


Title Type Done Total Person Status
Angel Tales Chu TV 0 7 N/A Future Project
Chocotto Sister TV 24 24 Taskforce COMPLETE
Demonbane OVA 1 1 Taskforce COMPLETE
Demonbane TV 12 12 Taskforce COMPLETE
Final Approach TV 0 13 N/A Future Project
Ginban Kaleidoscope TV 2 12 Taskforce Ongoing (Slow)
Hanaukyo Maids Tai TV 0 10 N/A Future Project
Happy Lesson Advance TV 0 13 N/A need raws
Happy Lesson Final TV 0 3 N/A need raws
Hitsuji no Uta OVA 4 4 Taskforce COMPLETE
I'm Gonna Be An Angel TV 26 26 Taskforce COMPLETE 14-26, see E-D for 1-13
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne TV 0 44 N/A Future Project
Kanon 2002 TV 3 14 Taskforce Ongoing (Moderate)
Kimagure Orange Road TV 9 48 kenoki Ongoing (Moderate)
Mahoraba: Heartful Days TV 9 26 Taskforce Ongoing (Moderate)
Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo TV 0 24 N/A Ongoing (Slow) - Need DVD raws
Moetan TV 2 13 kenoki Ongoing (Slow)
Omamori Himari TV 12 12 Taskforce COMPLETE
Ookami Kakushi TV 2 12 Twinshadow, Evilentity Ongoing (Medium)
Otome Yokai Zakuro TV 6 13 Taskforce Ongoing (Slow)
Pita-ten TV 0 26 N/A Ongoing (Slow)
Re: Cutey Honey TV 3 3 Taskforce COMPLETE - V2 later
Rizelmine TV 24 24 TwinShadow COMPLETE
Rosario+Vampire TV 13 13 Taskforce COMPLETE
Rosario+Vampire Capu2 TV 13 13 Taskforce COMPLETE
Sekirei TV 12 12 Taskforce COMPLETE
Sekirei: Pure Engagement TV 1 13 Taskforce Ongoing (Slow)
Sister Princess Re Pure TV 9 13 zanget, TwinShadow, Taskforce Ongoing (Moderate)
Tales of Eternia TV 1 13 Evilentity Ongoing (Slow)
They Are My Noble Masters TV 13 13 Taskforce COMPLETE
Usagi-chan De Cue!! OVA 3 3 Taskforce COMPLETE