What is retrofit?

We are a few guys that decided we were tired of old shows that only had hardsubbed encodes, mostly AVI's.

A few of our key members have eyesight problems and want shows that have softsubs that we can change to a more viewable style for our eyesight. This can't be done with hardsubs but it can with softsubs. Therefore we started this group to put softsubs to deserving shows which we enjoyed and could find raws for.

Ginban Kaleidoscope

Title Ginban Kaleidoscope
Type TV
Year 2005
Episodes 2 / 12
More Info AniDB
Staff Taskforce
Status Ongoing (Slow)

Tazusa Sakurano, a 16 year old figure skater, is performing at the Canadian Ice Skating Grand Prix, trying to earn a spot in the Olympics. At the same exact time, Pete Pumps, a 16 year old stunt pilot, is performing an arial acrobatic show in his plane at a Canadian airshow. Something terrible goes wrong during Pete's performance and he dies in the resulting plane crash. When he makes it to heaven God tells him they have rules there. He must return to earth for a period of 100 days to repent for his sins. He then returns to earth as a ghost and is forced into possessing Tazusa during the end of her performance at the Grand Prix. Tazusa doesn't really take very well to being possessed by a male Canadian ghost that can see, hear, smell, taste and touch what she does. This is how the story of Tazusa the ice skater aiming for the Olympics while possessed by Pete a Canadian stunt pilot ghost begins.

Ep Subber Typer Timer Raw Provider QC DDL
01 Arienai-Conclave Taskforce Taskforce AD Raws kenoki MU
07/05/2010 DVD [Retrofit]_[Arienai-Conclave]_Ginban_Kaleidoscope_Ep01_DVDrip_(B3693EC6).mkv
02 Arienai-Conclave Taskforce Taskforce AD Raws Kenoki, Twinshadow, Taskforce MU
08/26/2010 DVD [Retrofit]_[Arienai-Conclave]_Ginban_Kaleidoscope_Ep02_DVDrip_(12DEC641).mkv
NCOP Arienai-Conclave Taskforce Taskforce AD Raws kenoki MU
07/05/2010 DVD [Retrofit]_[Arienai-Conclave]_Ginban_Kaleidoscope_Textless_Opening_DVDrip_(ACB725B9).mkv